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Back from Spain

We arrived back at Bristol airport safe and sound (and slightly delayed) late last night… Thanks to Lynsey, Kieran and Joshua for putting up with us for the past week – it was great to finally see you Josh. We’ve got a few photos to upload from our break in Alicante/San Juan – they’ll be […]

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There and back again – a developer’s tale

Well, wow… What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had! At the end of February, we headed across to Alicante for the Carnival celebrations, as well as to see Lynsey & Kieran (and Bump). We could tell you more about Carnival, but instead we took a lot of photos – which probably explain the evening […]

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Heading off to Alicante!

We’re heading across to Alicante mid-week… Lynsey & Kieran are kindly putting us up! (or is that putting up with us?) Next weekend is the annual Alicante Carnival celebrations, (you might remember the shenangans that we got up to last year?!). We are going to be different this year and go in fancy-dress too! … […]

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Lynsey’s Bump – Second Scan

We hadn’t mentioned that Lynsey & Kieran are now expecting… We’d been keeping it a secret for some long now, that even we’d forgotten about it! 😉 (just kiddin’) They went for their second scan today… it’s all hush-hush on the sex of the baby though!

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Only a couple of weeks left…

We’ve re-arranged our flight back to the UK, we arrive in Bristol on Monday 13th November! (Lynsey and Kieran will have to put up with us for a little bit longer now ;-)). Lucy’s Mum & Dad had a nice time here last week, they got back safe-and-sound on their massive drive back! We’ve spent […]

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Les Fogueres de Sant Joan

They say a picture says a thousand words… … from this … … to this … Last night was the Les Fogueres de Sant Joan in Alicante city. Hundreds of thousands of people turned up to see all the hogueras (bonfires) being set alight! It was amazing night.

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