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There and back again - a developer's tale

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under Family, Alicante, Bristol.

Well, wow... What a busy couple of weeks we've had!

At the end of February, we headed across to Alicante for the Carnival celebrations, as well as to see Lynsey & Kieran (and Bump). We could tell you more about Carnival, but instead we took a lot of photos - which probably explain the evening better!

The Gang Lemon Smiles

No sooner as we got back to Bristol, I was on the next train up to Liverpool for business. I'd recently started-up a company with Dan - and our first project was about to commence. Since then, we've been working non-stop on the project - Dan calls it a "coding-marathon"; I called it a "code-massacre!"

Got back to Bristol earlier this week... settling back into west-country life - as Steve had us taking part in a Cattle Run - where they had to herd 19 cows between two fields (4 miles apart). Luckily we didn't get covered in much cow-shit! ;-)

Meanwhile, we were still waiting on you lot to think of a name for our Parrot Letter Opener - only Emily (and Thomas) made a new suggestion. So now the nominations are closed and the votes can begin!

Brass Parrot Letter Opener