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Back at the Farm

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I would usually apologise for not posting recently, but I'm not. I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of "interaction" from our friends and family (especially since it's been noted that some complain that we never update).

March was a busy month for us. Lucy has been working hard for North Somerset Housing, whilst I have recently started-up a web-development company, (which is involving a lot of yo-yo'ing between Bristol and Liverpool).

I got me wellies!!! :-D I returned from my latest Liverpool visit last Friday night. Steve told me that he had a surprise for me... A pair of Wellies! I was ecstatic! I've been wanting a pair since we moved to the farm - I'd already ruined a pair of trainers from walking through muddy fields!

Saturday, we took the lads out on the ponies, (we've got more photos over on Flickr).  I was left pushing the baby. ;-)

Next weekend, Lucy is dragging me along to an Easter camp.  I wouldn't mind, but it's at place called the "Gordon Brown Centre" - jeez! (Note to self: Don't mention the pensions!)