Lee & Lucy

Easter Break

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Easter camp wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. After I discovered that the Gordon Brown Centre wasn't named after our current Chancellor of the Exchequer - I felt more relaxed. We had great weather over the weekend, although the first night in the tent was not very pleasant... I can't begin to describe how cold it was!

We didn't take any photos over the weekend.... For some reason we were far too busy eating and sleeping to do that!

We've decided to call the vote for the naming of our Parrot letter opener. It was a straight tie-draw between Holly and Edward, both with 3 votes each. BUT, none of that matters, as Lucy's Granddad has vetoed the naming, (since it was a present from him). So the Parrot is hereby named Jacko!.

Lynsey_Bump_02 For those of you wanting to know how Lynsey & Kieran are doing... Here's the latest photo of Lynsey (con Bump).