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VW Campervan Trip 2013

Given that things like Facebook and Twitter have seemed to replace our blog over the past few years, I've been looking for an excuse to breathe some life back into it. So what better way than to post about our upcoming holiday! In a couple of weeks time, we'll be borrowing a classic VW campervan from Rich (my business partner) and taking it on a road trip! So far the plan is set off from Bristol;…

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An afternoon in Wells

Earlier last month, Lucy asked me if I'd ever been to Wells. I hadn't, nor did I know much about Wells, (other than Hot Fuzz was filmed there) - so we said "Let's Go!". Lucy made up a picnic, we loaded the car and headed down to Wells. ┬áThe weather was nice and sunny, great for the picnic and scenery was amazing! Katelyn enjoyed playing at the park. Wells is a beautiful city, I never…

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Light Up Bristol 2007

After missing last year's Light Up Bristol, we are happy that know (in advance) all about this year's event! It's on every night at College Green, Bristol between 6.30pm and 10pm from Monday 17th until Friday 21st December... and it's free to go! More details are available on the official Light Up Bristol…

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Back from Spain

We arrived back at Bristol airport safe and sound (and slightly delayed) late last night... Thanks to Lynsey, Kieran and Joshua for putting up with us for the past week - it was great to finally see you Josh. We've got a few photos to upload from our break in Alicante/San Juan - they'll be online later today. This Sunday is the reunion of the Greek trip - so we'll try to get a bit of…

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Woolton Bassett

We'll tell you all about our trip to Greece in our next post... but just wanted to share some photos we took yesterday in Woolton Bassett of the kids playing in the local park. We're very happy with our new toy! (Even if it did take us 5-months to get around to buying…

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Easter Break

Easter camp wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. After I discovered that the Gordon Brown Centre wasn't named after our current Chancellor of the Exchequer - I felt more relaxed. We had great weather over the weekend, although the first night in the tent was not very pleasant... I can't begin to describe how cold it was! We didn't take any photos over the weekend.... For some reason…

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