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Christmas and New Year Recap - Part 1

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The last 2 weeks have been a bit of blur - yes the amount of alcohol consumed would justify that, as well as traveling up-and-down between Bristol and Liverpool. Here's what we got up to over Christmas and New Year...

On the Eve of Christmas Eve (or the 23rd to everyone else) we were invited to Lucy's Aunty Jane's house for a pre-Christmas lunch. All of Lucy's cousins (and husbands + kids) were there, so it was good to see everyone before Christmas.

Lunch was great... although Jane did have a slight panic as she'd forgot to pick up the Christmas turkey from the butchers - which was only open for a couple of hours that day! (It was one of the most surrealist moments of my life!)

After lunch, Jane started to herd everyone into the lounge for some traditional Christmas carols... at this point I thought it would be a good time to help clear-up the table! :-D My cunning plan didn't last for very long... I was soon summoned into the lounge for my vocal participation (or lack of).

Once all the carols had been sung, (the grand finale being O Come, All Ye Faithful in Latin!), we headed back to the farm. Lucy and Emily were meeting up with some ex-Lord Nelson staff for drinks.

We didn't much during Christmas Eve day... we, meaning Steve and I, were preparing for a night at The Rising Sun (I'm told that it's the busiest night at the pub all year). We didn't stay out too late, (unlike last time), as Steve had some early morning milking to do... and hangovers combined with very excitable children don't mix too well with me!

As the evening was reaching 10pm (our planned home-time), Steve got a call from someone... "The cows have escaped!" - Steve phones Emily to pick us up from the pub. Luckily there were only 10 cows that had escaped (or gone missing), so we headed off in the Shogun to round-up some cattle!

We arrived at the field, which was very wet and mudding - as soon as we got through the gate, Emily got us stuck in the mud!  So Steve takes over the driving... whacking it into 4x4 drive!  Now this was slightly concerning, as he'd had several pints down at the pub - however he owned the field - so no laws were going to be broken (or so I'm told).  We soon found the cows (plus a bull), it seems that they didn't "escape", they just got a little lost!

Steve jumped out of the car to round them up... for some mad insane reason, I jumped out of the car too - I blame the booze!!!  Steve is now talking to the bull, so I start talking to the bull too... then the bull decides to butt me - in my butt!!!  I think my beer armor protected me from any injury, but it was enough to get my ass back in the Shogun!

Once the cows (and the bull - who we'll call Hutch from now on) were safe, we headed back home!  That was enough excitement for one night! I only wish I'd take some photographs of the cows! Nevermind eh!

I'll tell you all about Christmas day in another blog posting... and then New Year's Eve in one after that! (It's almost like a trilogy?!)