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Barry from EastEnders

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Early Thursday evening, James asked me if I was looking after him on Friday night because his Mum & Dad were going to the theatre. To which I replied, "Erm... You'll have to check with Aunty Lucy." A little later, Lucy informs me that we are also going to the theatre and the tickets have been booked! "Oh," I say, "What are we going to see?"

At this point I start to get scared, I knew that "pantomime" would be the next word that would hear, "... and the tickets are already booked?" There was no escape! I found out that Steve was going too, so I wouldn't be out-numbered by the singer-alongers!

Dick Whittington Poster As we arrived at The Playhouse in Weston-super-Mare to see Dick Whittington, I glance at the poster - it's only gone and got Barry from EastEnders in it! I was stoked! (I kept thinking of him in Extras).

The panto was quite good... Emily jokingly told us that Amanda Holden was in it too, (as Fairy Bow Bells), she had us going for a while! :-( How cheeky! (There are reviews of the panto on both The BBC and The Stage, if you want to know more about it.)

After the show we went down to the bar/lounge area where there was a nice buffet ready, (the evening's event was in association with the local council). Most of the cast came down to say hello to the local councillors (including Lucy's Dad). I wanted to get a photo Lucy & I with Barry, but he was a bit busy with the hardcore 'stenders fans - so I went to the bar - by the time I got back, Barry had buggered off home! Typical! Nevermind eh!

We did get talking to some of the other cast members, all very nice people! Gareth Davies (who played the Sultan) told us some amusing stories about his other types of performance work.

Today Lucy, Emily and the Kids have gone to some camping related event (I can't remember the name of it, Tizwas or something to that effect) - I managed to get out of it by pulling a sickie, whilst Steve is fixing the woodburner's chimney!

I'm still in the process of writing up our Christmas and New Year postings... watch this space!