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A Walk On Dundry Hill

Posted on by Lee Kelleher filed under Bristol, UK.

Last Sunday we met up with James and friends for a countryside walk in Dundry. We met at noon at The Dundry Inn to start our 6-mile rural amble.

Not having fully recovered from the "man flu" ... I was suffering from a (chronic) tickly cough - which started to slow me down after the first few miles. The thought of a good pub lunch was enough to keep me going!

The walk itself was great, the views from Dundry Hill are amazing - you get a great panoramic view of Bristol and beyond. The Parish of Dundry website has some good photos of the views (along with other information about Dundry).

View from Dundry Photo by kokeshi. We didn't take any photos during our walk... We actually took the camera with us, but when we weren't enjoying the views, we were too busy getting out of the numerous muddy situations! By the time we got back to the pub, our shoes were caked in mud! James was an old clever-clogs, as he brought an extra pair of (clean) shoes! (We'll know better next time.)