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Autumn 2010

I blame Facebook for our radio silence… I mean who’d on Earth would want to read a blog these days? When things like Facebook and Twitter is where all the cool kids hang out, right? Well, maybe I’m not such a cool kid after all. What have we been up to since our last update? […]

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We’re Having a Baby (again)

Well, pretty much nearly 3 years ago (to the day), we announced that we “We’re having a Baby!”  Now we have the pleasure of announcing baby number #2! Actually we announced this on Facebook a few weeks ago… even then, most people already knew! So if this is the first you’ve heard about it – well, […]

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Rest in Peace Great-Granny

Earlier this week, Katelyn’s Great-Granny, Damaris, passed away – 2 days after her 90th birthday. Katelyn enjoyed visiting her and we will all miss her dearly. Rest in peace Damaris.

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Katelyn’s First Birthday

Since Katelyn’s 1st Birthday fell mid-week, we thought it would be best to have a little party the weekend before, so that most people could make it. What started off an a simple get together for “tea & cake” slowly spiralled out of control.  A few sandwiches turned into a buffet and the teas & […]

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Video Clips

We bought a new (small) video camera a couple of weeks ago. (For those who are interested, it’s a Flip Video Ultra – it’s compact and has a funky flip-out USB built-in; so we can upload videos from anywhere.) Katelyn seems to be progressing quickly at the moment… from her gibber-gabber to dancing in her […]

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Katelyn’s Christening

It’s Katelyn’s christening on Sunday 6th July. For all family and friends who are coming across, here’s a detailed map of the Claverham area. St. Dunstan’s Church (the white cross on the map) is on Claverham Road opposite a clearing which has security fencing at the front. Park in-front of the fencing then cross over […]

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