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Sunday Walks

We will get around to finishing our Christmas & New Year recap, we've written-up half of part 2 so far, so we should finish it off sometime this week! In the meantime, we'd like to show off some photos we've been taking whilst on our Sunday walks. The week-before-last, we took Danny, Alex and Jacob out for a walk around the fields of Claverham - which was nice and muddy! Then today, Emily, James and Thomas…

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A Walk On Dundry Hill

Last Sunday we met up with James and friends for a countryside walk in Dundry. We met at noon at The Dundry Inn to start our 6-mile rural amble. Not having fully recovered from the "man flu" ... I was suffering from a (chronic) tickly cough - which started to slow me down after the first few miles. The thought of a good pub lunch was enough to keep me going! The walk itself…

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Barry from EastEnders

Early Thursday evening, James asked me if I was looking after him on Friday night because his Mum & Dad were going to the theatre. To which I replied, "Erm... You'll have to check with Aunty Lucy." A little later, Lucy informs me that we are also going to the theatre and the tickets have been booked! "Oh," I say, "What are we going to see?" At this point I start to get scared,…

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Lynsey's Bump - Second Scan

We hadn't mentioned that Lynsey & Kieran are now expecting... We'd been keeping it a secret for some long now, that even we'd forgotten about it! ;-) (just kiddin') They went for their second scan today... it's all hush-hush on the sex of the baby…

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Christmas and New Year Recap - Part 1

The last 2 weeks have been a bit of blur - yes the amount of alcohol consumed would justify that, as well as traveling up-and-down between Bristol and Liverpool. Here's what we got up to over Christmas and New Year... On the Eve of Christmas Eve (or the 23rd to everyone else) we were invited to Lucy's Aunty Jane's house for a pre-Christmas lunch. All of Lucy's cousins (and husbands + kids) were there,…

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Happy New Year 2007!

We got back from Liverpool yesterday afternoon. We had a great time over Christmas and New Year... we'll tell you all about it in the next few blog posts (including photos). Happy New Year to all of you... and congratulations to Dan & Jules as they've just had a baby! (Bethany Emma Jane…

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