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Steamboats at the Cameron Highlands

Our bus to the Cameron Highlands was about an hour late, so we arrived a little later than expected. The bus ride was scary! There was thousands of bends & turns on the hill-side roads, our bus driver was a psycho! But we got there in one piece. The guest house (Daniel's Lodge) that was recommended could only offer us dorm beds, we're always looking for fun stuff to do, so we accepted. After all…

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Monkey Guards at Batu Caves

Yesterday we went to Batu Caves with a fellow backpacker Ryan (from Canada). We didn't really make the early start that we had planned on, ended up leaving at 1pm! We weren't too sure what to expect from the Batu Caves except we read that there was a 272-step flight of stairs... oh oh and Monkey Guards to make sure that no one brought food & drinks into the caves! COOL! We caught the 11D…

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We actually set the alarm this morning for 8am, now that might not sound too early for most of you, but to us it feels like being back at work! ;) We had to get to the Petronas Twin Towers first thing to make sure that we could get tickets to visit the SkyBridge that joins the towers on the 41st floor. You're only allowed to spend 10 minutes up there, but we can't…

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Chinatown & Twin Towers

Last night I started reading Bill Bryson's Down Under... oh my god I have never laughed so hard when reading a book! The way Bill describes situations is hysterical. Lucy had to tell me to stop reading, as the people in the next cell kept banging on the wall! Today we've had an easier day, not too much culture (only the one Hindu Temple). We have been exploring the Chinatown, up and down all…

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Elephants dancing to Nirvana

We've seen some crazy things in the past week, (the karaoke bar in a buddhist temple was the pinnacle), but when we went to Malaka Zoo, what we saw was fantastic, Elephants dancing to Nirvana Unplugged... it had to been seen to be believed! (We'll show you a movie clip of it as soon as we can, as we've been playing with the video features of the DigiCam). Update: We finally got around to…

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A damned good scalping

The heat has got too much for my head, (today is a scorcher) my hair has gone really thick & ichy (YUCK!). So Lucy ordered me to get a haircut or stop whinging! So I got my head scalped, now I look like a skin 'ed scally, or just got out of The Matrix! We tried to get into the bartering but they just laughed and so we got stung for a £5 bill. (They…

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